Spaces of Hope

by Australis

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released June 10, 2016

Australis is:
Lucas Scott- guitars, bass and vocals
Patrick Ruhland- drums

A special thanks to Sal Loguidice, Aaron Lott, Matthias Joyce and Mike Thometz for their part in writing and performing with Australis

Bass on tracks 2,4,6,7,8 performed by Sal Loguidice
Additional lead in Sublife, Provocation of Death and Instrumental (Invertebrate) by Matt Hodsdon
Additional lead in InterSpira by Kevin Alter
Additional lead in Photonic Disassembly by Aaron Lott
Lyrics for Rapture of Eidolon from Edgar Allen Poe’s "Dreamland"
Additional lyrics in Lament from Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein"

Drum tracking, reamplification, mixing and mastering by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording
Guitar and bass tracking at Hodstudios
Vocal tracking at The Attic Room
Artwork by Stephen Wilson (Unknown Relic)



all rights reserved


Australis Minneapolis

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Track Name: Sublife
Of the earth, a creature
Born only to beckon death
Battered, torn and pale, alone in existence
He desires the sun’s descent,
Longs for the white of the moon’s reflection
Dragged from graves he’s exhumed,
Corpses- his desperate vice
The tide has come
His lust is strong
A dweller of nocturnal scapes
Reflecting pallor through mirrored realms,
Drifting posthumous dust lines sub-terrain walls
By day he bellows and howls in loathing contempt
For the humans who left him to suffer
Unable to cope with his struggles
He perpetuates his sub-level existence
Track Name: Provocation of Death
Drifting through space
No signs of life
Light-years away
Alone in the void
The shuttle is approaching to a constellation uncharted
Hurtling through the empty space a comet’s trail dissipates
Magnetic field disrupted, communication disconnected
As they gaze upon the stars unblinking eyes watch their flight
Intently they await
Unaware they prey
Racing to their fate
As the shuttle returns, back in earth’s orbit but no crew aboard
The only one found, a woman preserved
Back to the planet to be observed
In a top-secret lab the body is stored to be dissected
As the scientist picks up his scalpel the imposter opens its eyes, awakened
Draining the life from the unlucky scientist the creature’s strength is returned
Taking from him his soul to be absorbed
The vampire alien is restored
A terror unspeakable by name
In days spreading across the globe
The conquest of planets no feat
For our new masters we’re just something to eat
Track Name: InterSpira
Their bones were splintered, brittle grey
Haste-made graves, unadorned
Heaping walls of unburied souls
Despite their pleads it did not cease

Glass-eyed nights spent in sleepless dreams
Shouldering the uncertainty of tomorrow
Sinking despairingly inward
Where fractions become all-consuming
Eating away at warmth and empathy
Spell of apathy whose release is distant
Spiraling through a maddening haze
Grasping for an unreachable world
Track Name: Probed
Evoking dismay
An elusive harbor of the active mind
Losing grasp of what is real
My former self deprived of control
Fearing violence, potentially homicidal
Severed ties to any conscience
My mental state disintegrating
I’ve killed in my dreams
A present fear they are reality
Exceeding the terms of my sanity
Resistance almost hopeless
Jealousy consuming the mind,
Enticing the threats of my dreams
Seven nights now absent of sleep, testing the strength of my will
Desires of pain come to life
Exhausting control of this cell
Frantically seeking respite, I desperately seek out my soul.
Why do they not hear my pleads?
I’ve called out to them incessantly
I must impress upon them my vengeance
But I clasp my hands to both of my sides
Preventing what can’t be undone…
Track Name: Lament
I stepped heavily from the immense unknown, a grotesque creation
Burdened with the hue of death

A nameless reanimate- a shamed creation neglected
Surrendered to encompassing loneliness

Confined to a leaden, pallid vessel
I wept, for a lone existence overwhelmed me:
Did I request thee, Maker, from my Clay to mould me Man,*
Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?*

I once found respite in warm dawns
Hope in spring’s thaw
Among meadows whose golden fields radiance shone

Yet death as a memory lingers
Nearer with each trembling gaze grown
Ill, gaunt and sallow

Unfeeling, heartless creator! You have endowed me with perceptions and passions,*
And then cast me abroad an object for the scorn and horror of mankind*
Who authored my contempt
Crusading hungrily that I may rest eternally
In oblivion

In a final reprise, resting encircled by sea
Senses wither
As memory
As hope
In isolation we are the same
May oblivion be our only consolation
Track Name: Photonic Disassembly
Energetic disassembly
The creation of photons in a laboratory
Of all life, light an encompassing force surrounding us all
The more that we learn pushing technology forward to have control of it all
Weapons of death, to progress object
Damnations of Science are all we'll have left
First step: lasers in collusion
A switchyard of mirrors arranged acutely
Into the chamber four dozen beams of light converge of photons conserved
All light is focused into a cylinder counting gasses of catastrophic potent
Step two is enthralling, capturing the world’s attention
A nuclear fusion created entirely from light
No one seems to question the dangers of tampering with light
In the blink of an eye it's all wrong, the stasis thrown out of wack
Already the future is all gone
It's too late
There'll be no turning back
A single moment lasting for eternity with photons created, a star was born
Homeostasis unable to be maintained
Black hole created, space/time ruptured
Time and space torn
World destroyed
Of all dimension, devoid
Cast from this realm, forever consumed
Humanity buried, never exhumed,
We lost our focus on sustaining life
Plundered the Earth, constructing its strife
Without souls…
No Salvation…
We die.
Track Name: Infinite Void
Into infinity, a black hole's divinity
Unending density
Hold the answers to eternity


Gravitational pull
The star's core implodes
All light consumed
Nothingness sewn
All life as we know it
Lost to the void
Matter inversed
Galaxies, destroyed

Cosmic spiral:
Without end


All forms of life around us devolve to nothingness
Dematerialized matter and space- measureless
The answers to our questions lie in the abyss
Searching forever- incessant

Light abounds through the galaxy, both time and space
Reaching eternally, never erased
Dimensions fold, perception changed, matter transforms
Of our conception, much to be learned

Awakening inter-dimensional beings
Unable to perceive what we cannot see
Inexhaustible; Incalculable power

Dimensions transform, looping through one-another
Black hole decimates all it surrounds
Always consuming- abysmal creation
Omnipresent pervasion abounds

Inside the void- the antithesis of life

Compendious scheme
All-inclusive design
Universes entwined
Realities combine
Unraveling it all
Devouring, depleting space
Matter imbibed, destroying the universe

The void exterminates
All it finds

Aggregation annul
Inside the abyss all and nothing exist
At the same time;
Theoretical mass

Almighty abyss

All forms of life around us devolve to nothingness
Dematerialized matter and space-measureless
The answers to our questions lie in the abyss
Searching forever- incessant

Light abounds through the galaxy, both time and space
Reaching eternally, never erased
Dimensions fold; perception changed, matter transforms
Of our conception, much to be learned
Never to be seen again life is absorbed
Void stretching onward
Forever consuming
Deleting creation
The void, unyielding, will someday be whole
Track Name: Spaces of Hope
A challenger of times,
A traveler tempting death
Tempests of brazen light,
The temptress to his ascent

The gods, they feared his name
Their men, they scorned his quest
As he dared to touch the sky in the blazen northern range

Winds of torrential force
Reigned the mountain’s crest
Surmounting fear of death
Embittered soul, a loss of hope
Still he climbed, alone

The mystics claimed the lights were of gods
But the traveler knew the power to observe,
Enduring piercing tempestuous cold
Revealing the lights ties to earth

Survivor of storms, which scorched the earth with lore
From which belief had grown, irons burdening despair
Through knowledge he did dissent
The mystics’ egregious lies
Though in denial they remain,
Spaces of hope reside
Track Name: Mortal Transduction
Annihilation of human kind
In the skies colossal ships materialize covering the earth worldwide
Amongst us, beings dematerialize
Taken from their shallow lives, plucked from earth, pulverized
There will be no compromise
They will not cease this torment of our human race
Destruction everywhere
In torrents of upheaval every city burns to ash
Humans run screaming from tortuous experiments
Testing the limits of our pain threshold
Around the world, genocide
One thing certain,
We will all die!
Civil twilight
Equinox of the human race
Conjunction inferior
Our race devoured by an extra-solar planet
Civil Twilight
Of all existence, erased
Non-coherent design
From the sky death reigns
Poisoned planet soon to die
Nothing is left alive
Harvested energy
Reaping every single carbon
Leaving us all to die
Traveling on at blinding speed
Solar system left behind
Alien race, far supreme
Bringing cosmic balance throughout time
An empire built upon the stars
Its only need retaining fuel
Depleting planets of all life
Obtaining massive carbon yields
The galaxy
Spectrum of time
Superior race
Terrestrial planets all shall die
Infinite twilight
Ascended into a higher consciousness
Finitely entwined
Transduced from our lives
Transmitted BEYOND!
Track Name: Instrumental (Invertebrate)
The debts of our masters fall unto us
They deny us subsistence
Their cruelty speaks volumes
They do not relent
They deny us our voices