Mortal Transduction

from by Australis



Annihilation of human kind
In the skies colossal ships materialize covering the earth worldwide
Amongst us, beings dematerialize
Taken from their shallow lives, plucked from earth, pulverized
There will be no compromise
They will not cease this torment of our human race
Destruction everywhere
In torrents of upheaval every city burns to ash
Humans run screaming from tortuous experiments
Testing the limits of our pain threshold
Around the world, genocide
One thing certain,
We will all die!
Civil twilight
Equinox of the human race
Conjunction inferior
Our race devoured by an extra-solar planet
Civil Twilight
Of all existence, erased
Non-coherent design
From the sky death reigns
Poisoned planet soon to die
Nothing is left alive
Harvested energy
Reaping every single carbon
Leaving us all to die
Traveling on at blinding speed
Solar system left behind
Alien race, far supreme
Bringing cosmic balance throughout time
An empire built upon the stars
Its only need retaining fuel
Depleting planets of all life
Obtaining massive carbon yields
The galaxy
Spectrum of time
Superior race
Terrestrial planets all shall die
Infinite twilight
Ascended into a higher consciousness
Finitely entwined
Transduced from our lives
Transmitted BEYOND!


from Spaces of Hope, released June 10, 2016
Music: Lucas Scott
Lyrics: Matt Joyce/Lucas Scott



all rights reserved


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