Photonic Disassembly

from by Australis



Energetic disassembly
The creation of photons in a laboratory
Of all life, light an encompassing force surrounding us all
The more that we learn pushing technology forward to have control of it all
Weapons of death, to progress object
Damnations of Science are all we'll have left
First step: lasers in collusion
A switchyard of mirrors arranged acutely
Into the chamber four dozen beams of light converge of photons conserved
All light is focused into a cylinder counting gasses of catastrophic potent
Step two is enthralling, capturing the world’s attention
A nuclear fusion created entirely from light
No one seems to question the dangers of tampering with light
In the blink of an eye it's all wrong, the stasis thrown out of wack
Already the future is all gone
It's too late
There'll be no turning back
A single moment lasting for eternity with photons created, a star was born
Homeostasis unable to be maintained
Black hole created, space/time ruptured
Time and space torn
World destroyed
Of all dimension, devoid
Cast from this realm, forever consumed
Humanity buried, never exhumed,
We lost our focus on sustaining life
Plundered the Earth, constructing its strife
Without souls…
No Salvation…
We die.


from Spaces of Hope, released June 10, 2016
Music: Lucas Scott
Lyrics: Matt Joyce
Guest guitar solo by Aaron Lott



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