Provocation of Death

from by Australis



Drifting through space
No signs of life
Light-years away
Alone in the void
The shuttle is approaching to a constellation uncharted
Hurtling through the empty space a comet’s trail dissipates
Magnetic field disrupted, communication disconnected
As they gaze upon the stars unblinking eyes watch their flight
Intently they await
Unaware they prey
Racing to their fate
As the shuttle returns, back in earth’s orbit but no crew aboard
The only one found, a woman preserved
Back to the planet to be observed
In a top-secret lab the body is stored to be dissected
As the scientist picks up his scalpel the imposter opens its eyes, awakened
Draining the life from the unlucky scientist the creature’s strength is returned
Taking from him his soul to be absorbed
The vampire alien is restored
A terror unspeakable by name
In days spreading across the globe
The conquest of planets no feat
For our new masters we’re just something to eat


from Spaces of Hope, released June 10, 2016
Music: Lucas Scott/ Mikey Thometz
Lyrics: Matt Joyce
Bass performed by Sal Loguidice
Guest guitar leads by Matt Hodsdon



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