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Evoking dismay
An elusive harbor of the active mind
Losing grasp of what is real
My former self deprived of control
Fearing violence, potentially homicidal
Severed ties to any conscience
My mental state disintegrating
I’ve killed in my dreams
A present fear they are reality
Exceeding the terms of my sanity
Resistance almost hopeless
Jealousy consuming the mind,
Enticing the threats of my dreams
Seven nights now absent of sleep, testing the strength of my will
Desires of pain come to life
Exhausting control of this cell
Frantically seeking respite, I desperately seek out my soul.
Why do they not hear my pleads?
I’ve called out to them incessantly
I must impress upon them my vengeance
But I clasp my hands to both of my sides
Preventing what can’t be undone…


from Spaces of Hope, released June 10, 2016
Music and Lyrics: Lucas Scott
Bass Performed by Sal Loguidice



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